Thank you so much to Friends of the Bumble Bee Fund and all those who supported the Food Fest and Garden Sale they organised. It was a huge success with over R30’000 raised! All funds were put towards purchasing Inam a Shonaquip buggy. She is currently using a basic folding frame wheelchair at school and has no wheelchair at home. Her new buggy will provide her with the postural support she needs and will allow her to be able to take part in family and community activities. Watch this space for a pic of Inam and her new wheels!

Friday, 08 March 2013 08:35

Brooke, Nikita, Isabelle, Jayden, Samuel, Kerry, Hanno, are our beneficiaries for 2013.

Thursday, 07 March 2013 09:55

Kayla Steyn, Aiden Vlietman, Josh Vlietman (mascot), Nicholas Mundell & Micheal Steyn
The Bumble Bee Fund, a non-profit organization invited young children to participate in the Argus Mountain Bike Challenge at Boschendal on the 2nd of March in order to aid the Fund in achieving its main goal: To improve the quality of life of disabled children by providing them with mobility aids to enhance their personal mobility and independence.
The idea of getting kids to help other kids worked fantastically! The children were encouraged not only to raise funds for the Bumble Bee Fund; they were also sensitized to becoming conscious and responsive to the needs of others.
Well Done on your fantastic efforts !!!

Left to right: Matthew (Grade 5), Joshua (Grade 5), Sebastian (Grade 3), Riley (mascot, Grade R), Sophia (Grade 5), Alexander (Grade 5), Zac (Grade 5) and Nicholas (Grade 5). Matthew and Ricco (two of the dads who also cycled) are at the back
These seven Kenridge Primary school learners participated in the 13km Cape Argus Pick n Pay Mountain Bike Challenge at Boschendal on Saturday, 2 March.
These learners all cycled in aid of The Bumble Bee Fund, and raised over R3000 in total. This money will go towards providing aids and equipment for differently-abled children, including Brooke, a past pupil of Kenridge Primary.
They each received and medal, and we are so proud of them – Well done!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013 02:00


Monday, 11 February 2013 02:00


Wouldn’t you like to join The Bumble Bee Fund in creating awareness for differently-abled kids, by entering the MTB Family Day and cycling for a cause!

We would like to encourage all entrants to join the cause by assisting us to raise funds for our beneficiaries of 2013 and at the same time gain some understanding, participating in an event that will make a difference to a whole lot of little lives.

Tuesday, 07 October 2014 14:31


Even the little guys ride for Bumble Bee Fund! Rider 1157 seen here is under 5 years, kitted out in his Bumble Bee Fund gear and riding the 1.5km Tricycle Tour with a smile.

Bumble Bee raises funds for assistive devices for children with disabilities and hopes to use the Cycle tour to raise awareness.

Sunday, 10 February 2013 21:29


If my mom can beat a disease like cancer, then I see no reason why I can,t do this race. Those of the words of Miriam Mannak, 35, a freelance journalist from Cape Town who will ride her first Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour tomorrow.
Born in the Netherlands, Mannak grew up in Angola and Rwanda before moving to Cape Town in 2007.
She said she had a “paradigm shift” when her mother Marijke Mannak, 55, was diagnosed with breast cancer three days before Christmas last year. Fortunately it was found at an early stage and she was treated with radiation therapy.
“If she can cope with radiation and not knowing, everything else seems minor”, Mannak said. “It makes you think; accidents and diseases happen.
What if it had been me?”
Mannak had always wanted to take part in the Cycle Tour, but in the past found reasons not to. This year she decided to take the plunge, bought a mountain bike in January, and started training. Not content with only participating, she has also set herself a personal target of finishing within five-and-a-half hours. “If you enter, you must push yourself”, she said. Mannak is also riding to support the Bumble Bee Fund’s Daniel Holgate, 8, who suffers from muscular dystrophy.

Sunday, 10 February 2013 21:26


“A group of us from Port Elizabeth did the 2011 Cycle Tour for “Bobs for Boots” with Bo Skinstad to raise money to give shoes to school children – if my memory serves me we raised around R20 000.

This year I’m riding for the Bumble Bee Foundation