Liam’s Cough Assist Machine has been ordered!


Good news! Do you remember pouring a bucket of ice water over your head and making a donation to The Bumble Bee Fund for SMA/ALS? Or more recently buying a raffle ticket in support of the Cape Town Cycle Tour? Do you ever wonder if your money is being used wisely? It is! Thank you to each and every person for supporting us, enough money has been raised along with other donations and Liam is getting his Cough Assist Machine! Just in time for winter! A common cold can easily turn into Pneumonia and cause the lungs of a SMA child to collapse and can easily kill them. You have made a difference in the life or a very special child.
What is a Cough Assist Machine?
 Important for daily respiratory care and critical during illness, this life-saving device is something every proactive Spinal Muscular Atrophy family needs. The cough assist can help to mobilize secretions out of the lungs. It provides a deep breath of air and then quickly reverses flow directions to pull the air back out, simulating a cough. This device can dramatically improve airway clearance in a person without an effective cough. The cough assist also helps the lungs develop and grow.
To all of our Cycle Tour riders and all other donors who became involved in this fantastic initiative – High 5 to all involved! We would not have been able to do this without all of your kindness and giving !!!! Thank u for caring!